Building housing for the future of cities.
Hively is a solution to the shortage of quality dwellings in mid-density neighborhoods.

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Building on top of the world

Enabling soft densification, Hively Sytems are empowering regular building owners and collectives to shape neigborhoods, create wealth and maintain affordability for locals.

Preserve and prosper

Instead of destroying the invaluable architectural heritage of neighborhoods, our systems allow for sustainable desification while enhencing the existing infrastructure.

A city connected from the ground up

Hively Systems is deployed on rooftops and rooted in the ground to create a strong footing for integrated housing on multiple levels. Building owners are then able to add prefabricated modular units on top of it.

Leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies and state of the art computer generated designs, Hively Systems offer a custom fit and look to every project without sacrificing affordability.

Tiny living - Enabled

Thinking about vertical expansion is one thing but we also need to be efficient. Small living means smart living. Leveraging the know-how in space optimization from our sister company (minst), we can deliver micro units that are a dream to live in.

Get in touch

We’re currently looking for pilot projects. If you’re a home owner interested in our technology, a member of a city council, a property developper or a general contractor working in North America, let’s talk!

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